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Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Property Tax

Property taxes must be paid yearly for each property. The money raised from the property taxes you pay is used to fund local programs and services such as:

  • Police and fire protection
  • Emergency rescue services
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Garbage services
  • Recreation and community centres
  • Parks
  • Libraries
  • Schools 
  • Hospitals


     Property Tax in BC (Important Dates)


July 1st

Property Valuation Date in B.C


Your property assessment is mailed out

January 31st

Deadline to request a formal review of your property assessment

May 31st

Your property tax notice is mailed out

July 4th

Deadline to pay your property taxes


Property tax due dates are vary in some municipalities

 BC has one of the lowest property tax rates in Canada

Property Tax based on $ 100,000 assessed value 2016

$   379.00


$   326.28

  Maple Ridge

$   425.11

  New Westminster

$   610.25

  North Vancouver City

$   403.67

  North Vancouver District

$   380.52

  Port Coquitlam

$   299.44

  Port Moody

$   358.38


$   432.49


$   444.44


$   316.79

  West Vancouver

$   183.20


                                                   Above property tax figures may not reflect the utilities charges.